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Below are some of the more common questions our clients ask in relation to our advice and services.


Yes we can! Our Cashflow Management service is designed to manage this entire process for you from:

  • establishing (and ongoing monitoring of) your household budget 
  • collecting and paying your bills
  • reporting back to you monthly, and
  • ensuring you have the most cost effective providers available. 


Best of all this information feeds back into our regular review of your financial strategy to ensure you are maximizing the value of every dollar you earn.

This simple service allows you to pay your bills on time, protect your credit rating, and ensure your household mail box is managed while you are away on holidays or on business.  We can also take care of your direct investment and real property income and expenses, and include them in your monthly report as well.

Read more at our Cashflow Management Philosophy section.

Executive Share benefits can come in a variety of forms. These include shares, restricted stock units (RSUs) or options. While shares are relatively straightforward, RSUs and options can be complex, and decisions with significant implications are usually required at the time of issuance, vesting or exercising.  Our highly experienced team can help you work through these often complicated issues so that you can make sound decisions that maximise your long-term wealth creation benefits. Read more at our Executive Share and Option Management Philosophy section.

Small Business Owners (SBOs), with their entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take risks to reap rewards, are a group that require specialised financial advice. They need a partner that understands the issues to be considered and managed and that have the skills and experience to work through these issues. At Strategic Wealth, we have extensive experience in helping SBOs, working closely with your other advisers and accessing experts to address the specific key issues confronting your business. While the rewards of being your own boss can be greater than traditional employment, so too can the risks. We can help to enhance your chances of success and reduce associated stress by developing a financial plan for both your business and personal lives. This will help you to deal with any adverse circumstances that may arise.

To read more on this and the further related topics below please click on our Small Business Owners section.

Insurance is often something we don’t really think about until it’s too late. Many of us assume that the level of insurance provided through our superannuation will be enough – but what happens if it’s not? Wouldn’t you prefer to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that should the worst happen, you and your family are provided for?

To understand more about where and how the various types of insurances are best funded or structured please refer to our Insurance Philosophy Section.

At Strategic Wealth, we believe that estate planning is an important part of your financial plan and addresses the issue of appropriately distributing your wealth in a tax effective manner.  After working hard all of your life to create the wealth you have, it is essential that your wealth transfers smoothly to your chosen beneficiaries. Estate Planning involves managing the transition of wealth between generations.  There are a number of important areas to consider. Read more at our Estate Planning Philosophy section.

At Strategic Wealth we specialize in the provision of expert advice to outbound and inbound expatriates. Our expatriate clients have a number of unique needs to address and opportunities to take advantage of.  As highlighted in our Expatriates section, we have outlined the key issues that should be considered at each phase of your assignment. Expatriate financial planning is a specialised area so it is important to work with an experienced adviser who understands these issues.

When you have worked hard throughout the working phase of your life, retirement is the time to enjoy the wealth you have created. There are so many things that you want to do – travel the world, get that golf handicap down, spend more time with the grandchildren and buy that lifestyle property that you have wanted for some time. But, are you still worried about how to manage your retirement funds and how long you can live the lifestyle that you want to live?  We can help by providing you with a clear roadmap for your retirement phase and ‘peace of mind’ by knowing that your affairs are expertly managed. Read our Retiree section to learn more.

An uncomplicated but well crafted solution for your complex needs. Like many of our clients, you may have particularly complex needs that regularly require expert advice from a range of professional consultants. Whether you are an executive, professional, small business owner or wealthy retiree our bespoke Private Wealth Management service can assist.  Whether you are simply time poor or feel you don’t have the appropriate expertise to manage the issues involved our Private Wealth Management service can assist.