Go with the cashflow

In this fast paced world, we find that the majority of our clients, particularly Executives and Professionals, are time poor. Their work demands are extremely high and they may travel extensively with work or participate in expatriate assignments. When it comes to enjoying their precious spare time, understandably, they prefer to spend it with their loved ones and pursuing personal interests, rather than on the household bills.

During your wealth accumulation stage of life, your employment remuneration is one of the most important financial assets that you control. That is why it is essential to protect it with the appropriate insurance cover.


Understanding Your Budget

It is equally important to understand the breakdown of your household and living expenses, some of which will be non-discretionary while others are discretionary. Discretionary expenses can have a significant impact on the level of surplus cashflow that you generate each month. You should apply the same disciplined approach to managing your household expenses that you do to your business expenses. That’s where our Cashflow Management Program comes in.


Our Cashflow Management Program

Once we have established your annual household budget with you, we provide a comprehensive five-step bill payment and reporting service, governed by you, whereby we:

  • Collect and pay your bills.
  • Enter and reconcile all your incomings and outgoings to your account statements.
  • Confirm that your service provider is the most cost effective for the service accessed.
  • Report back to you on a monthly basis with a one-page report comparing actual to budget.
  • Incorporate the findings into your annual strategic review and identify the most appropriate investment opportunities for your surplus cashflow.

Our program means you will avoid a questionable credit rating for simply overlooking a due date among the pile of papers accumulating in your home office in-tray, and not getting around to paying on time.


Holiday with Peace of Mind

You can go away on business or holidays with the confidence that your household mailbox is being taken care of – and the lights will turn on and the phone will be connected when you return home. And not only can you outsource the management of your household expenses, but also your direct investment and real property income and expenses, which we will include in your monthly report as well.


Relax in Retirement

We also find that our retiree clients are extremely busy, enjoying their well-earned cocktail hour in life, or they or their spouse may be unwell or simply not equipped to deal with the volume and complexity of the household and personal accounts.


The Results

In short, you save time and you have a regular and reliable report that highlights where you are straying from your budget. This lets us identify, in a timely manner, if you are deviating too far from your overall strategic wealth plan. Any surplus cashflow identified can be invested wisely to secure your future lifestyle.


Did you know?

If you saved an additional $1,000 that you might otherwise have disposed of through discretionary spending, it would turn into $18,000 over the next 40 years. After allowing for the effects of inflation, this is equivalent to $7,000 in today’s dollars!

If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a client and accessing our Cashflow Management service, please contact us.